Long time coming: Our Adventures (Part 2)


It’s been a good three months since his visit, and now he’s back in Brazil :'(. I’ve been soooo busy you know curing cancer, saving the world, and since I’m such an important person I did not have time to write in this beautiful blog (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice). Anyways, I was a little busy, and I was saving someone’s world, his. I’m going to try really hard to recall this trip when he was here. Let’s first start off with our little vacation in Minnesota and New York City, then I will cover the biggest story of all, meeting my family! Dun, Dun, Dun!!!!

fcp phoMinnesota:
After shoving all his junk in my trunk (don’t be dirty minded now).

♫ What you gon’ do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk? I’ma get, get, get, get, you drunk,Get you love drunk off my hump. My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps (Check it out) ♫

Sorry! I promise I’ll try to stay on track. So we finally got out of the airport and went to one of my favorite restaurant in St. Paul. I could not wait to feed his skinny ass all the yummy food in my world! Since he’s never tried pho before (if this is foreign to you, look it up!), and it’s one of my favorite dishes and I told him he had to have it even though it was a hot ass day. Yes, I did, I demand it from him. I said, “if you don’t order that freaking bowl of pho, I will shove it down your throat!” You should’ve seen his face, he was in such terror that he ate that bowl of pho pretty quickly. I was totallllly kidding, I would never do that to him and I would never be THAT demanding 🙂 fcp mnActually, being the sweet and thoughtful person that he is he decided to eat pho all by himself. I was so excited and happy to have him there, indulging in my world. However, most importantly I was just happy because he CHOSE to be here and he wanted to be here. That meant the world to me and I love him for always showing interests in all the things that I do, and anything that has a connection to me.

After eating we went and checked into our hotel. I knew he was jet lagged because he flew from South Korea all the way to Brazil, rested for two days, then flew another 10 hours from Brazil to USA. Sighhhh, how lucky am I to have someone go through all that traveling and sleep deprivation for huh? 🙂 We decided to just stay in and watch a movie, but we failed because we took a long afternoon nap instead. We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t have a couple of “fails” in our missions. Do you know what time it is? Backstory time, sorry I always have a backstory time. . . bear with me:

When I was still studying aboard in Seoul we were heading to my goodbye dinner with some friends and we were already on a time crunch. . .

fcp fugoBackstory’s backstory: Okay, here’s the thing in my culture there’s thing call “Hmong-time” it’s when you set a time to meet, let’s say 2pm, but a Hmong person would actually show up an hour later. Hence, how it got its name. I thought this was just a “Hmong” person thing, but boy was I wrong! When I met Filipe he would always be late to everything. We would say, “let’s meet at 7pm for dinner.” He would show up 20 mins after the initial time, and he always say, “sorry, this is Brazilian time.” He’s lucky I understood that concept because I’ve lived my life according to this “special time” too, Hmong time. If it was another girl from another culture she would’ve gotten annoyed of his punctuality issues.

Okay, so we were running late (never have a Hmong person and a Brazilian person together, they won’t be on time) and we were trying to find the fastest way to get there by subway. I found a route, and of course he always have to double check my credibility. He suggested we take a different more “efficient” route so for the sake of time and proving that “I’m always right” we took his route. That route took us the opposite direction so we showed up about 40 minutes late to my own dinner party. He did feel really bad and was really embarrassed about it, but he’s lucky he’s so cute I couldn’t even be mad if I wanted to.fcp crab

Therefore, when we are together beware there will always be a few fails to our attempted missions. That’s just us, and without it we would never have any stories to tell or any fun memories to remember. So after we woke up from the nap we went down to the restaurant and had late dinner. It was so good!! I had steak and he had a burger, of course our preferred meals.

The next day, after a well rested night he took me shopping! A girl’s best friend, shopping. I was so grateful because I knew he’ was still jet lagged, but he strolled around Mall of America with me for four agonizing hours helping me find outfits, and giving me his opinions. I love that he has good taste too, I love shopping with him. For the next few days we just relaxed, ate, hung out with my friends, and enjoyed each other’s company.

fcp nycNYC:
Finally, our flight was at 6 AM so we had to wake up early (he wasn’t too pleased about that), and drove ourselves to the airport. Since I was such a nice girlfriend, I packed all his stuff the night before because he was too tired, and also because he is the king of procrastination. Like I told him, I have never really cared to pack for anyone, not even myself because I hate packing, but for him and only him I did. Love really change people. We arrived at the airport and went through all the security/custom and finally found our gate and boarded our flight! We finally arrived in New York City baby!

♫ Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There’s nothing you can’t do, Now you’re in New York! These streets will make you feel brand new, Big lights will inspire you, Hear it for New York! ♫

We devoured the city, ate yummy food, and walked all over New York City! It was an amazing trip, but it was only amazing because it was with him. Like I told him it doesn’t matter where we go or where we are in this world, as long as I am with him it will always feel like home. There were a few situations that happened while we were there or should I say failed missions.

fcp nyc21. I’ve never ever took a shiat while he was in the next room, nor did I ever fart in front of him voluntarily. I did a few times when I fell asleep, which was involuntary and I had no control over that!!! I know embarrassing much? I can’t seem to stop  humiliating myself. However, this was making me really anxious because I didn’t want to take a dump at all, but I really had to go so I just gave up and went.  I already humiliated myself enough times before, so why would this time be any different right? As I was squatting and doing my “business” he texted me, “hey how’s sitting on your throne?” I laughed so loud because he made this very embarrassing moment for me a funny one, and I love that about him. He’s capable of making any situation into a funny and comfortable one. After breaking my “take a dump while my boyfriend is in the next room’s” virginity I never felt more relieved in my life, and for the rest of the trip I was able to be myself. That is taking a dump multiple times a day without feeling embarrassed. Yes! my secret is out! I can shit in peace.

fcp nyc 92. We were planning to go to the statue of liberty and have a romantic picnic at Central Park. In between those two things I was going to take him to Mozart’s concert at Avery Fisher Hall. So on our second day there we were supposed to go to the Statue of Liberty, but we woke up a little too late and laid in bed for an extra two hours before really getting up, so we missed the last ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. However, we decided to go to China town and get lunch and explored a little. We sat down at this park after lunch and we were talking about what we were going to do for the day and something seemed off because we all of sudden had a chunk of free time. We started talking about using that time to go to Central Park and rent bikes to ride around the park, then it hit me! DUH! we had to go to the Mozart concert later and that’s why we couldn’t go to Centeral Park that day! Good thing I caught that otherwise we would’ve missed a great show and had to stamp another “fail” to our adventure.fcp nyc3

3. The last fail of our trip, Central Park. In my mind I imagined us riding bikes around the park with the wind in my hair, and the sun shinning on my body as we laugh and smile at each other. Doesn’t that sound so purrrrfect? Well, I didn’t get any of that! We fell asleep again and when we woke up the sun was already setting. So we hurried and got on the subway to try to make it there before the sun disappeared. Since he always have to confirm my direction skills we went the opposite way again (oh no! Korea flash backs). When we got there the sun was gone and people were leaving the park already. We found a nice place to sit down and eat, as romantic as it sound eating under the moonlight and gazing into each other’s eyes it was not at first. We were getting bit by misquotes, we were tired and cranky from jumping from subway to subway. During our meal a park security person started shouting something, and I was confused because I was wondering who she was shouting at. Then she ran over shouting, “Hey! Hey!!! you can’t be in here there’s a fence, which means it’s closed after sunset.” Thanks lady! ruined our almost romantic picnic. We packed up our stuff and walked over to a bench and finished
fcp nyc 8eating, and that’s when the romantic stuff happened. As we got done eating, he grabbed my hands and looked me deep into my eyes and got down on one knee. . . and NO that didn’t happen! I got you huh? At least not yet (evil laugh)! We just sat there under the stars and talked about our future plans and how much we loved each other; that to me, was perfect. Even though we didn’t get to do all of the romantic stuff I imagined us to do, that moment we shared during that summer night in Central Park was absolutely magical. The simplicity of how he just held me, and the way he looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes I just knew we were meant to be together. In that moment I knew he was the love of my life, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him just doing these simple things together.fcp nyc 4

After many days in New York City, the city that never sleeps, we were happy to be coming back home to my small town in Wisconsin. When we flew from Chicago to Minnesota he ended up sitting behind me instead of next to me, and I remembered that whole hour and forty-five minutes I missed him so much. I kept turning around and looking at him, and I just wanted to hold his hand through that tiny little crack between the seats. As soon as we landed I grabbed him and hugged him tightly. That’s how I know I want to be with him forever, because I have never loved anyone the way I love him. I never want to stray from him for a second.       

Part 3, meeting my family coming soon.

Our adventures


I have been M.I.A for the last two weeks (not that anyone cares -.-), and if you’ve been following my blog it’s because my prince charming came to visit. I will be talking about his visit in increments because I don’t want to overwhelm you and I don’t want to miss any details. I am a sucker for making memories and writing these blogs (taking numerous pictures, aka camera whoring) are a way of preserving our memories together; therefore I don’t want to miss any details. So here is our adventure. . . it’s never a dull one.

Part one: His arrival

He flew out from Brazil on August 19th, and wouldn’t land in Minnesota until August 20th. So when he was flying out I tried to be as busy as possible so I wouldn’t be watching my clock tic away. I spent all day looking for the perfect outfit to wear and I kept playing this scenario over and over in my mind; I would see him walking out of the terminal and there would be a Frank Sinatra song playing, maybe fly me to the moon because that’s one of my favorite songs. I would run to him in slow motion, my hair perfectly swaying side to side and I would look like Jessica Alba (I wish). Then he would scoop me up in this arms and twirl me around while giving me a passionate kiss, all the people there would clap at the end of this scene. However, things didn’t go according to plan, of course because that scene in my head is soooooo dramatic 🙂 and I’m quite the drama queen.

ImageThe real scene: I woke up on the 20th and got ready, did my hair, my makeup, and put on my super drop his chin when he sees me outfit and drove to the airport. I was there an hour early because I didn’t want to be late. I wanted to be the first face he sees when he came out of that plane. I was sitting there tapping my feet, walking around, and had a real case of nervous shit. I felt like I was going to fart and shit at the same time, but yet nothing came out. All that shiat was just churning in my stomach, maybe it was a massive “butterflies in my tummy” feeling. Anyways, as I was sitting there I checked the board like ten times to see when his plane lands; it’s says 12:45 pm. I looked at my watch, 12:15 pm, ughhh can time drag on any slower!!!!! Finally I checked the board another time and it said flight A240 (made that up, I don’t remember his flight number) landing 12:35 pm. I was thinking, “holy cow balls he’s really going to be here!!!! and it’s 12:33pm. I was waiting at baggage claim number 10 because that’s where he’s supposed to come to pick up his shiat. So there I was sweaty palms, noisy stomach, and feeling a little nauseous. I spotted him walking out of the plane entrance thingy, he was wearing grey jeans, grey shoes, and a purple V-neck shirt. He was as tall, handsome, and darkly mysterious as I remembered. There was this guy twice my lova’s size walking in front of him so I had to do a dodge from side to side to see if he was still behind this huge guy. I thought I made eye contact with my lova because clearly it looked like he was staring right at me, so I flashed my million dollar smile at him. I didn’t see a reaction so walked right up to him and said “heyyy” and he kind of jumped in surprise and said, “ohhh I didn’t even see you, there was this guy in front of me.” Clearly this was a one sided love scene, there I was waving and flashing my smile trying to look pretty when all the while he didn’t even see me, instead he saw the back of this guy! hmph! Men, so oblivious! It wasn’t his fault, he’s just really bad at spotting things, anything! He then grabbed me and kissed me a few times. He also hugged me really tight like how he promised he would. I couldn’t breathe for two reasons, the first being he’s really here, and I can’t believe it. The second, he was physically crushing me. We both held hands awkwardly and nervously. We just kept smiling like idiots and looking at each other and saying “I can’t believe you are really here.” It has been five months since we seen each other face to face, so the first hour together was still kind of fresh and awkward. However, it never takes more than an hour and we are comfortable, and it seems as if we never left each other’s side.

A funny story I just have to share, so as we were walking his luggage to my car we had to search for a bit because I have really bad memory when it comes to parking  my car. I always have a hard time finding my car at freaking Walmart, that parking lot is always so big! Don’t judge me. So when we finally found my parked car, we loaded his luggage into my trunk, and he came to the passengers side. He just kind of waited and stared. I was like, :”whaaaaat?” He goes, “Ummm I think you have you scoot your seat back a little.” Again, another humiliating moment for me; I replied, “That’s how I sit. . .” *awkward silence.

Those of you who are also in the same boat as us (LDR) knows this feeling. The feeling of seeing the person you love for the first time after so many months apart, this feeling that feels like a dream, yet you’re awake in it. It’s such an amazing feeling, it’s hard to explain. To me it feels like I’m walking on a rainbow on cloud nine while it’s raining beef jerky! why those things you ask? Because I love beef jerky and I think clouds and rainbows are pretty! So yes it feels pretty freaking amazing. The moment he hugged me I knew this is exactly where I belong. I belong in his arms, his life, and I belong to him. It just felt so right, like we’ve been lost for so many centuries, and then finally in this century we were lucky enough to find each other and re-blossom this love of ours. It truly feels like I’ve known him all my life, the comfort he gives me makes me feel so safe and loved. I would never ever change a moment in my life because of all those moments and mistakes I was able to find my way to him; we were able to find each other. If I could go through all of those painful, unhealthy relationships, and heartbreaks again knowing he’s the one to catch me at the end I would do it in a heartbeat. I could never thank God enough for bringing him into my life, he’s such a blessing to have, and I am so fortunate to call him mine.

Part two coming soon.

It’s time


I will be seeing you in exactly 16 hours and 53 minutes.

Yesterday we skyped for 7 hours, it’s funny how we knew we’d see each other in 24 hours, but we talked like it was our last day on earth! I guess that’s how everyday should be like. We should always appreciate our partner and love them like there’s no tomorrow. We should always let them know what they mean to us every single day. He always say, “do you know I love you? and I will always say, “of course I do, I know you love me a lot.” he says, “good!”

Some people may disagree and find that annoying because the person you’re with should already know you love them so why say it everyday right? Let me ask you, what if that next day never come? What if something happened and you couldn’t say “I love you” anymore? Then what? I know it’s extreme cases, but we never know what will happen tomorrow. Therefore, we have to enjoy and appreciate today, because “today is a present.”

Tomorrow at noon I’ll be able to see your handsome face,hug you, and kiss you! Good things do come to those who wait, and lova you’ll always be worth the wait; today, tomorrow, or as Christina Perri said:

“Darling don’t be afraid
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more!”

Have a safe flight and I’ll see you soon!

Time to confess my admiration

According to dictionary.com the definition for admiration is, “a feeling of wonder, pleasure, or approval.”

ImageI have such deep admiration for my boyfriend. I admire how he carries himself, he’s always courteous of others and respectful. He never says anything rude and he’s always polite, I think I need to learn a thing or two from him :). Teach me love, teach me!

When I first met him he had some alcohol in his system so he was more talkative, and outgoing so I didn’t think he was shy at all until we all went to Lotte World (Korean version of Disneyland). He was really mysterious; he was tall, had those big dark brown eyes, dark hair, and golden tan skin. It was like he walked out of a romance novel, and you are just drawn to him where you can’t drop the book you just have to read it page to page. He was really reserved, didn’t say much, but smiled A LOT which was hella HOT :). I was really drawn to him, not just because he was incredibly handsome, but because of the way he carried himself. He’s just one of those people that you find comfort in when you look at him, and it just makes you  want to tell your whole life story to because he’ll care or at least pretend to. I found his presence extremely comforting and calming it was pretty intoxicating.

lotte Back story: When we were on the subway going to Lotte World him and I were talking and it was freaking hot as hail on that subway because there was so many people and it was humid as freak. I naturally sweat easily so as you can imagine there I was standing facing him talking about soccer (at that time we didn’t have much to talk about except soccer and school), trying to look cute and thinking I did look cute, but little did I know the next thing that was about to happen was so embarrassing! As we got done talking there was a 5 seconds of awkward silence and he said to me, “hey you’re sweating a lot!”  In my head, “crap! crap! crap! how embarrassing!” I then immediately moved to the end of the subway cart,
579759_4705404479647_1206327001_n and stood directly in front of the air conditioner vent drowning in my sweat and humiliation. When I told him this he laughed so hard, and told me what was on his mind because apparently during that time he liked me already and was nervous. He was thinking the whole time, “shit have to keep this going, what should I say? what should I say?” So I guess when a guy likes a girl and he gets nervous he’ll really say the first thing that pops in his head! I bet if I had booger hanging from my nose he’d probably say, “hey you have a booger!” All in all he was just really trying to make conversations so he can talk to me longer, awwwww, but too bad it did the exact opposite I fled there like it was a FBI crime scene.

This leads me to another reason why I admire my lova. I admire his tenacity. In anything that he does he is persistent and always accomplish it. His motivation and ambitions always astounds me.

His intelligence. He always surprise me with what he knows, the depth of his intelligence is diverge. He’s intelligent not only in academia, but with life, love, friendship, everything. With only three years of studying English he uses a more “scholarly” vocabulary than me, how embarrassing! Sometimes he says a word and I’m like “huh? is that a word? I’ve never heard or used it!” What do you know it is a word! He knows random stuff about stuff and I find that kind of funny because I always know random facts or things too. This one time at band camp, just kidding I had to say that, but this one time he was helping me study for my GRE and it was math ewww!  so there we were over skype going through the problems and he’s calmly explaining the steps and making me do the thinking. I was so frustrated because I hate math and it has been 2 years since I’ve taken any math class, so I was impatiently (as always) grunting and saying “I don’t know what to do next ughhhh!”  He goes, “you’re being too impatient with this and  you’re blocking math out because you don’t like it but just think,  I know you can do it.” What do you know? I did it! I was so happy! This is why I admire and adore him so much. His intelligence is not for boasting or bragging, but he shares it, and teaches it; that’s what makes him so admirable.

I admire the way he treats his mom and sister. I’ve read somewhere and heard it from a lot of people and my mom (she always give good advice) that you can tell how a guy is really like by observing how he treats the women in his life. He treats his mom and sister with the utmost respect and love. He’s so caring and genuine it’s crazy how nice he is (love don’t kill me, he hates it when I say he’s “nice”), but he truly is. He’s nice but not the “walk all over you” kind of nice, he’s nice where you melt inside, I don’t know if that even makes sense. It was funny the first time we kissed he asked, “Is it okay if I kiss you?”  Then I started singing Selena Gomez’s song “if you want it come and get it, na na na na” just kidding I didn’t, I just motioned for him to kiss me. He said he melted a little inside when I did my sexy and awesome hand motion, it’s probably one of those scenes, “how I think I look like” and “how I really look like” 😀

So when you love someone there has to be admiration and respect right? I would strongly agree because when we admire someone that is when our love for them truly grow. We begin to see them in a new light and find ourselves thinking “hey I can really see myself marrying him/her.” There was a quote floating around facebook, “Don’t marry a man unless you’ll be proud to have a son just like him” that have a lot of truth in it. When you lose respect for your partner you begin to lose that love and admiration for them. Love should be built on a strong foundation, and if that foundation is built off of negativity, disrespect, and contempt then of course that relationship is not going to last! However, when a relationship is built on a concrete foundation where both partners admire and respect each other their relationship will only blossom from there. Love is like a baby, you have to nurture it, give it attention, some loving, and watch it grow. Make a good home for your baby, love.

ImageWhat I’ve learned from being in a long distance relationship is you HAVE to be understanding and adaptable because things will always change. I used to want something and want it now, and I liked things to run on my time and if it doesn’t happen I will get frustrated and mad. However, ever since I’ve been in this lovely predicament I became more understanding and patient. I understand that we may not get to talk all the time or the same time every day; it will not be consistent and it’s okay because what’s more important is we love each other. I always remind myself about the bigger picture, and I never use to look at the bigger picture, but with him I am able to see a future clearly and willing to fight for it. I think that was my problem before, no one was really worth me fighting, giving up my time, and sacrificing my convenience for. When you meet that person who is able to give you that much faith and hope you will want to invest all of your time and strength into that relationship and see it through. He’s given me strength to fight this battle and through all of this the best part is he’s right next to me holding my hands; him and I are a team and we will defeat distance and we will be together in the end. He’s my superman , he gives me hope for better days, protects me, and always willing to swoop in and save me. Because of that, I’ll always admire his strength; in him I see a better me.

He’s getting really nervous about meeting my family, and since he’s meeting my broster over skype tomorrow he’s on edge! Love, I hope after reading this post it will shed light on how awesome you are, and people will be crazy to not like you! You just need to be exactly the way you are, and don’t ever change! I love you and good luck!    


In a exactly eight days I’ll finally get to see my amor after five long agonizing months apart. He will be spending two weeks with me in Wisconsin meeting my family, emerging in my culture, and spending some much needed quality time together. We have decided to visit New York to celebrate nine months of being in each other’s life. As he said, “the first of many more trips to come.”   

new-york-citySince he’s taking me to New York because I always talk about how I’ll do anything to just eat a Magnolia cupcake again, my exact words were, “I’d die happy if I could just have one bite of Magnolia’s cupcake.” So while planning this trip together he mentioned he wanted to go see a broadway show because it’s the “thing” to do if you go to New York. I first agreed to go, but because I’m sneaky and love surprises (giving and receiving) I decided to surprise him with tickets to the broadway show. So for the last couple weeks I pretended like I didn’t want to go anymore.

I said to him, “Would you be upset if I didn’t want to go watch the broadway show anymore?” He asked, “why?” I said, “I don’t know just because I don’t really care for it.” He said, “It’s okay I know you probably wouldn’t like it anyways.” I was thinking “Whattttttt chu say? I would totallllly enjoy it, I got some culture in me too!” but it’s okay, that’s the impression I want him to have anyways, plan was right on schedule (keke *evil laugh). 

So after a week of pretending I didn’t want to go to the broadway show I stumbled upon a “Mozart concert” ooohhh how fancccy! I knew he’s so much more into the classical, musical, orchestra stuff so I decided to ditch the broadway plan and surprise him with Mozart tickets instead.

Backstory: He used to play in an orchestra for nine years, hence, his undying interest and love for classical music. He played the french horn, and in a symphony orchestra there are four sections, percussion, woods, strings, and brass, he was in the brass section. Yay me! I totally learned that for him :). One important thing about relationships, (say in a british accent, it’ll seem more appealing) it’s all about showing interests in what your lover do because what’s important to them should be important to you right? Right!

20130812-172751.jpgBack to the surprise
. I messaged him the link to the concert website to test the water, and see his reaction to the Mozart concert. He was like “Oh my gosh! we have to go! can we go to this?” I lied to him saying, “we can’t because tickets are only available for members of that specific group” (*evil laugh). He was like “aww that’s too bad.” So I went to the website found the Mozart tickets and bought them. Originally, I wasn’t going to tell him about it until we were in New York. I was just going to nonchalantly tell him about it when the day comes so it’ll be like BAMMM SURPRISEBut the other day when we were talking I asked him again If it’s okay that we aren’t going to the broadway show anymore and he seemed a little sad. That was like the only thing he wanted to do in New York (besides visit the M&M store at time square; such a lardo) relative to me, I wanted to do a million things and he was more than willing to do them. Sooooooo it made me felt like such a selfish girlfran and I decided to tell him the surprise. I recorded his reaction, it was priceless, but I can’t download videos on wordpress because they charge, so not cool! So I took snapshots of his face expression from the video when I told him the surprise, pictures can’t express as much feelings as videos, but it’ll do. He was so speechless and kept saying, “no you did not! did you? I’ll have to look at it again!”

It was the best feeling in the world to see him this happy. For all that he’s done for me, and for all the times he’s sacrificed his sleep for me I felt like this was just a tiny tribute of thanks that I can offer. I’m not telling this story to brag about how awesome I am, because I am (just kidding), but to show that when you love someone it doesn’t matter what the event is you’ll want to be there, and do it just because the person you love is there. I have never really cared for classical music besides listening to it occasionally when studying, but now I have a purpose to enjoy it because he loves it and I love him so now when I listen to it it’ll feel like I’m with him <3.  I am super excited about this concert.

What I’ve learned about long distance relationship is, time is precious. So for the next two weeks I’ll treasure every second of it, and possibly build a time machine by then so I can freeze time, and turn that two weeks into forever, para sempre meu amor. Cannot wait to pick you up at the airport in eight short days, but maybe you should tell your parents you might not return, and to not panic because you’ll be safely locked in my room :).       

Feeling Inspired: What you must know about my Brazilian Lova.

ImageI know when he reads the title he’ll wonder why I still call him my Brazilian lova because according to him calling him my “lova” makes him seem like my paramour, a mistress. I call him my lova because he is my love and if you know me I always put a spin on words. For instance, instead of saying “are you serious?” I’ll say “are you serialz?” “pho sho” “for realizze” etc. So no love, you are not my mistress in any sense.

Somethings you must know about my lova:

1.Old fashion sassin’ – He’s old fashion, but not in the close minded, male dominant sort of way. He’s old fashion in the “chivalry” way where he insist on paying for our dates, opening doors for me, always offering to help, etc. We don’t care about chivalry anymore, it’s all about “hey I’m independent I can pay for myself, do this by myself. . .” yes independence is great, but sometimes let your man feel like a man too! I am guilty of forgetting chivalry sometimes, actually for quite some time I forgot how it’s like to have a man romance me and pay for dates. The first few times him and I went out he kept paying and I kept resisting because I felt this sense of guilt that he’s always paying so I would sneakily pay for us sometimes. Every time we went out it was always a struggle to see who’s paying. If I get up at the end of the meal to go to the bathroom he’ll assume I’m going to pay and get up, put his hands in the air blocking me. “uhhh I’m going to the bathroom,” then he’d sit down, but I can tell the whole time I’m gone he’s anxiously on the edge of his seat making sure I’m not sneakily paying (I’m such an expert at doing so :D) There are times when I did succeed in paying and he does the most adorable thing, he’ll throw his hands on his face in the most dramatic way and say “why do you do this to me! Now I’m so embarrassed” his face will turn red, and he’ll do this thing with this feet when he gets shy or embarrassed. I always laugh because I think it’s the cutest reaction ever, I’ve never seen anyone react so dramatically in this situation. Then there would be times when he threatens not to go out on dates with me anymore if I keep it up, but we both know he can’t resist me :). So yes, my boyfriend can be old fashion, but in all the best way possible. That’s what I adore about him, his intense way of always fighting to treat me like how gentleman should.

2. Thoughtful much? – He’s always so freaking thoughtful, when I’m stress about school or just anything in general he’s always the first to rescue me from my misery. He’ll talk to me about it, help come up with solutions even when none is needed, and always go the extra mile to make sure I’m happy. A prime example, earlier today I messaged him saying how I’m getting such a headache looking for graduate programs and how my long list before is getting more and more narrow as I looked it over again. What do you know? He sends me links about graduate programs and scholarship opportunities etc. These little things that he does always make me melt inside, and leave me feeling “how did I get so lucky?” He always ask how my day is, and show interest in anything I have to say even though sometimes the things I say have absolutely no point, he’ll still show interest. Being thoughtful goes such a long way!

3. ImageSlow your roll baby girl” – I love that he’s the logical, reasonable, level headed one in the relationship because it really grounds me. I’m always the one who wants to do something and I want to do it now, I jump at every opportunity, and always say yes before thinking it over, but I’m glad he’s there to pull me back. I’m like a helium balloon and he’s the kid with the balloon tied on his hand, a funny analogy but that’s how it is. He metaphorically grounds me, holds me down making sure I think before I act. An example of how impulsive I am, during my spring break I went to visit him in Korea and when I booked my ticket I swear I told him the dates, but I guess I didn’t, I just booked it and sent him my itinerary. When he looked it over he’s like, “why are u leaving on a friday and not sunday?” So we lost 2 days that we could’ve spent with each other because I was so impulsive. After that incident I’ve been really good about consulting him before I make a major decision. He’s taught me a lot through actions and love, rather than condemning me and making me feel like a failure if I don’t exceed at something.

4. You can do it! – He’s always so supportive in anything and everything that I want to do. If I said I wanted to fly to the moon on a bike he’d probably be my number believer telling me I can succeed!

5. Adventurous – I love how he have the desire to travel like me, to live all over the world and emerge in different cultures. Him and I are so opposite sometimes, but there are a few things that we both agree on. He is more science and I’m more humanistic, I believe in all that spiritual “everything happens for a reason” kind of thing while he believes in hard evidence. The one thing we can agree on is our love for soccer whether it’s playing or watching, however, we are in love with different teams :).

He’s pretty amazing and only continue to awe me with his wonderful personality and love. He’s truly someone that is beautiful from the inside out.

Why don’t we go someplace only we know.


The start of something new, something different, something amazing. This is the next chapter in our love story.

For awhile we have been talking, skyping, texting, and emailing across the country. Well to be exact, there’s an ocean and 9,000 miles separating us 😦 but that didn’t, and will never stop us from growing in love with each other. I say “growing in love” instead of falling in love because when we grow in love with each other we are constantly learning how to be better for each other and ourselves. When “falling” in love we tend to move too fast and too soon and eventually there needs to be something to fall on to right? sometimes we fall and there’s no one to catch us at the end, so we end up with pieces of ourselves that we have rebuild again. Therefore, I want to grow in love, I want to always improve and learn how to better for myself in order to better in my relationship as well.

My Brazilian lova is finally done with his studies in Korea and his internship at Samsung. He officially have one week left in Korea before heading back to Brazil, however, he is visiting me in America after a few days in Brazil.

ImageThis is truly the next chapter in our love story. For awhile we lived our love story in Korea, and then the long distance between Korea and America. We haven’t seen each other in person in 5 months, but in a week we will be able to be a “normal” couple. I am so excited to do all the coupley things with him, like cuddling up and watching a movie, going to Walmart with him, eating ice cream, cooking, walking, etc. It’s amazing how much we take for granted when we get the chance to see our significant other often. We take the little things like walking around the store with our love ones for granted, or just driving around holding hands. These are moments, and we should cherish them because every moment that we create with the person we love is another chance to look back and remember “hey we did this that day.” I want to be able to create these simple moments with him, I want to be able to pull him close while walking next to him and grab his hands anytime I feel like it. What I miss and want the most are the moments when him and I are standing face to face and he puts his arms around me and embraces me tightly where my face and body fits perfectly in his chest. I realized that all the moments him and I shared are very simple, but these moments have engraved a place in my heart and mind. When I miss him all I have to do is close my eyes and relive those moments with him and it feels just as amazing now, as it did then.

This is to all the places we’ll go, all the moments we’ll create, and no matter where we are or how far apart we will be, at least we know one thing is true, our love.


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All the little things

My boyfriend is one of the most intelligent person I’ve ever met. He’s so witty, funny, dorky, handsome, sweet, and all of the above. One of the things I adore about him is his humor, we both joke around a lot and we will always turn anything into a joke. With that being said, a couple of days ago I recently made a LinkedIn account, for those of you who are unaware of LinkedIn, it is a website to connect with other professionals and find jobs. It’s a way of marketing yourself to the career world (correct me if I’m wrong).

However, I clicked on “search if you know anyone” and my lova’s name popped up so I clicked “invite”. Later that night when we skyped he asked me, “hey did you send me a request on LinkedIn?” I replied “yea I did, why?” He said, “how did u find me?” As if I had nothing better to do then stalk him, well maybe some days I do *creepy laugh* 😏

The next day I was a little bored and decided to message him on LinkedIn, “hi handsome I love you!”

After he received that message he said to me jokingly, “this is supposed to be a professional page.”

So I decided to send him this
“professional message”

Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 1.07.04 AM

Then while driving home from my best friend’s house I received a notification on LinkedIn. I got home, checked my notifications, and what do you know I received a message from my lova, I was ecstatic. I was reading, laughing, and jumping up and down because I just thought his reply was the wittiest 🙂 I couldn’t stop smiling at how clever he is! He wrote. . .

Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 1.07.21 AM

It’s the little things like this that makes my heart flutter and the one reason why I continue to fall in love with him everyday. I’m sure you’re thinking “how is it possible to fall in love with someone repeatedly?” And it may seem like an exaggeration, but it’s possible when you find that someone. He never cease to amaze me with his passion, kindness, and love. He continues to teach me everyday what love is through his actions.

I truly believe that the little things is what matters the most.


bao3I never thought I would be the person who ends up in a long distance relationship. I am someone who was always in a relationship that exceeds no more than 10 miles away. Therefore, I was always used to the constant physical contact and interactions, and with time of being exposed to that kind of relationships one can become needy. I admit I was one of those girls who always wanted to do everything with her boyfriend, and attached myself to them convincing myself that it was love. So as you can see, me? long distance? nahhh!

Little did I know what fate had in store for me. We stumbled upon each other thousands of miles away from home; we were both studying aboard, coincidentally at the same university, and was in the same international student activity group. Many times he’s said,

“We are two worlds apart, and some how we both chose to come to Korea and the same university, the chances of us meeting was very slim, like 1% and yet we met.”


A quick back story, he originally wanted to go to Europe and study there, but being the awesome procrastinator that he is, or should I say professional procrastinator, he was too late to submit the forms for that exchange program. So his second choice was Korea, and boy this was the only time I am so grateful for him and his amazing skill (procrastinating) because if he did go to Europe we would’ve never met. I always joke with him if he would’ve went to Europe, he probably would’ve been with a European girl instead of me, and she would be speaking to him with that British accent and he would be so smitten by it. So I am glad he procrastinated and was left with no choice, but to come to Korea. So as you can see the universe was doing us a favor. However, if you ask him now I’m sure he would say he’s glad he came to Korea instead (*whispers* I hope).

I’m not writing this blog to boast about my relationship or to brag about it, I’m simply sharing this in hopes that I’ll inspire others to proceed with their long distance love tango or just relationships in general.

Love is such a hard concept to define, everyone have their own definition of it and beliefs about it. It’s not so much that love is difficult, but the people in the relationship is or can make it difficult. I’m by no means an expert in this, but I would like to say I am very interested in the dynamic of relationships, and always eager to know more about it. With this very brief introduction I hope to be helpful and inspire other long distance relationship couples. Let’s not allow distance to be the enemy, but use it to our advantage to grow and learn to appreciate each other.